Top Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: $100,000.00 Settlement For Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Victim

Did you know that bikers often experience prejudice and bias within the insurance and medical communities?  For many years, I’ve been proud to support our local bikers here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  After a motorcycle accident, our top motorcycle accident lawyers have helped so many bikers have their voices heard and achieve justice and great settlements for their bike damage and injuries.

In today’s blog, I recount a recent maximum policy limit settlement we achieved after a Newport, Rhode Island bike accident resulted in serious fractures and other personal injuries.

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Lawyer Up: Newport, Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Results in Broken Leg and Ribs

There are beautiful routes in New England where motorcyclists are eager to ride during peak foliage throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.  While most riders start putting their bikes away, Rhode Islanders enjoy some of the last-of-the-season motorcycle rides.

Our client was enjoying a beautiful afternoon in Newport with his girlfriend.  She was riding passenger behind him on the motorcycle on their way to dinner.

As our client and his girlfriend were traveling down Bellevue Avenue, a careless driver pulled out from Ruggles Avenue.  The driver did so without stopping or looking for who was coming down the avenue.

As the driver pulled out recklessly, the driver’s struck our client while he was attempting to swerve out of the way.  As a result, our client fell off the motorcycle.  He was screaming from pain and his girlfriend, who luckily was able to walk away with just facial lacerations and bruising, called 911.

Newport rescue rushed our client to Newport Hospital where they later transferred him to Rhode Island Hospital for emergency surgery.  His girlfriend did the right thing by calling our Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyers right away to help!

Our client’s broken left foot post-surgery.

Our client needed emergency surgery on his left leg, which was broken from the crash.  He also was suffering from broken ribs and was in a lot of pain.

We wanted to make everything as smooth and easy as possible for them during this time.  Our investigators went out to the hospital to visit him and the girlfriend since they couldn’t leave the hospital.

Bottaro Personal Injury Lawyers Nab $100,000.00 Settlement for Our Motorcycle Client!

While our client was still admitted, we opened a claim against the driver and the at-fault insurance company.  Our client was going to need several months of rehabilitation and would be out of work for some time.  While he focused on healing, we did the rest!

The at-fault insurance company tried to blame our clients, which is typical for motorcyclists.  Our experienced team of motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers located a crucial witness.  This witness confirmed that our client was not speeding and that the other vehicle never stopped while entering their lane of travel!

While fighting for our client and supporting him during treatment, we gathered all his medical records and loss wages.  We were also the primary contact with the insurance companies so he wouldn’t have to worry about harassing phone calls while getting back on his feet.

After several months of treatment, he was finally feeling better and becoming mobile again.  Through our investigation, case preparation, and hard work, our personal injury team was able to secure a maximum bike accident settlement here in Rhode Island.

Our client was able to walk away happy and with a new bike to ride this fall!  If you or a love one experience a motorcycle accident, call our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys today!

Motorcyclists Are Vulnerable – Call Us If You Are Injured!

Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users and each year, we help support and promote public awareness campaigns that encourage safe riding and sharing the road.

On a national level, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely than people in passenger cars to die in a traffic car accident.

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we work with clients who love their bikes. If someone injures you while riding, call us. We fight the prejudice bikers face often!

In the past five years, the numbers of people killed in motorcycle crashes has varied from as few as four in 2016 to as many as 18 in 2018.  In 2019, we lost 13 people in these types of crashes, according to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation.

Nationally, about 40 percent of fatalities in motorcycle crashes involved people not wearing helmets.  Unfortunately, Rhode Island does not have a universal helmet law for all motorcyclists – state law only covers passengers and operators during the first year of having a motorcycle license.  Preliminary data for Rhode Island (2019) shows that 30 percent of motorcyclist fatalities were not wearing a helmet (4 out of the 13 fatalities).

As top motorcycle accident lawyers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we urge to call us right away if you are injured!

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