What Happens If You Are Injured On An Airplane?

During the week of Easter, many people will be traveling across the country to visit family and take a much-needed vacation. Airplanes will be full of emotion, from those excited to take a break from work to those paralyzed with anxiety. Flights usually make it to their final destinations with little more than a few bumps along the way. However, a number of passengers do suffer injuries while on an airplane each year. My Rhode Island personal injury law firm believes Easter travelers should know their rights to legal claims just in case they become a part of that unlucky bunch.

If an accident occurs on an airplane that was due to carelessness by an airplane employee, then a claim may be made based on negligence. Examples of employee negligence include the failure to make sure overhead bins are sealed shut or the event of a passenger tripping over an unattended food cart in the aisle.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, 58 passengers each year are injured by turbulence while not wearing seatbelts. Unfortunately, passengers injured from turbulence will not have a case against airlines because an airline is not liable for accidents that occur from unforeseen events of nature that cannot be prevented. However, a case could be made if flight attendants or the pilots were able to foresee turbulence and did not adequately warn passengers to fasten their seatbelts or take precautions to prevent passengers from being injured.

My Central Falls auto accident lawyers are passionate about ensuring justice is served where it is due. If you feel that you sustained an injury traveling that was not your fault, please contact us for free legal counsel. You may have a case!