What Is Accident Reconstruction In Personal Injury Lawsuits?

After a car accident, it’s important in a personal injury case to establish how and why the crash occurred.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we only focus on representing victims, never the insurance companies.  One key to our success is our thorough preparedness.  One such preparedness method that we’ve used for years is known as accident reconstruction.

What is Accident Reconstruction?

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Accident reconstruction refers to the process of investigating, analyzing, and drawing conclusions concerning a car, truck, or bike accident.

In personal injury law, your attorney can use accident reconstruction to help establish the civil burden of proof necessary for a fact finder to rule in your favor.

The best personal injury lawyers understand that winning the best settlements requires investigation and preparation into the auto crash itself.

At our firm, my team and I take pride in using a proven process to investigate your car, truck, or bike accident.  With decades of combined experience and the resources necessary to win, we are passionate about getting you justice.

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Police departments may formally conduct an accident reconstruction using a special certified police officer.  However, it is rare in RI and MA that the police department employs these scarce resources.  It is typically only done in high-profile car accidents, such as fatal ones.

More commonly, we use our investigators to help build your case.  In my experience, the most important factor for a jury to consider is the injured person’s credibility versus the credibility of the other driver.  The truth is that often, there is simply no available video or concrete “CSI” type evidence to conclusively prove how a car accident occurred.  That being said, we can still build your case through common accident reconstruction techniques.

Preponderance of Evidence: How Can An Accident Reconstruction Help Win My Car Accident Legal Case?

The product of these investigations may answers outstanding questions about the time, speed, distance, and force of the vehicles involved in the collision.

Again, it is important to keep in mind that there is seldom conclusive evidence like a video.  In a civil personal injury case, jurors and arbitrators must only weigh the evidence against the “preponderance of evidence.”  This standard of proof is much lower than what is required to convict someone in criminal court under the “reasonable doubt” standard.

As an injured party, you should understand that as soon as the car accident occurs, all insurance companies are immediately working against you to minimize your payout.  This is why it is so crucial to hire the best car accident lawyer and firm as soon as possible!

Essentially, under the preponderance of evidence standard, the injured plaintiff need only show that the crash was “more likely than not” caused by the other driver.

As stated, some police departments have specially trained officers that undergo formal accident reconstruction training.  They spend money, time, and resources in high profile cases to ultimately compile a detailed report.

More common however, plaintiffs compile various pieces of accident reconstruction evidence to establish their burden of proof.  While accident reconstruction evidence may not be conclusive, the best car accident lawyers know how to compile the best available evidence to win the case.  The testimonies can be a vital piece in helping determine and proving who is at fault.

Do I Need Eyewitnesses, Video, Or Other Evidence To Win My Personal Injury Case?

The short answer is “no, not necessarily.”  Oral testimony from the injured party in a given case may be sufficient for the jury to make a decision.  Of course, the more admissible pieces of evidence we have, the stronger the case.  At the same time, in other cases, there may be passengers or eyewitnesses that are not reliable.

There may be times where there was no witnesses, police on scene, or footage of the car accident.  In such cases,  the jury is free to weigh the credibility (or lack thereof) of the defendant driver.

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