Wrongful Death From A Worksite Inquiry: What You Need To Know

What legal rights might you have after a loved one passes away while on the job?  Recently, a construction worker passed away after a wall collapsed on him at a worksite.  That case illustrates today’s topic here, but under Rhode Island law.

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Many worksites, such as construction sites, pose serious safety risks to employees.

How Rhode Island Workers Compensation And Personal Injury Law May Apply

In Rhode Island (and Massachusetts – our personal injury law firm handles cases in both jurisdictions), worker compensation laws aim to provide certain benefits.

Workers compensation laws typically provide certain death benefits when the worksite injury results in death.

What Other Legal Rights Do I Have In Rhode Island After A Loved One Has Passed While On The Job?

There is a legal right of action under Rhode Island known as “Death By Wrongful Act.”  Under our state’s statutory framework, certain plaintiffs may file what is typically known as a “wrongful death” lawsuit.

However, when that wrongful death derives from a worksite, the best personal injury lawyers know to ask important questions that factor in the viability of such a lawsuit.

Workers compensation immunity may shield the employer from any lawsuit based upon the negligence of the employer, including the employer’s other employees.

Here at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, my team and I have had success in investigating this issue.  That is, if the wrongful death was caused by actors not connected to the employer, then a lawsuit against such actor(s) may proceed.

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What Are Rhode Island’s Wrongful Death Money Limits?


The minimum payout in a wrongful death lawsuit is $250,000.00. There is no maximum payout (no “cap”) on damages in Rhode Island.

In Rhode Island, wrongful death laws include minimum wrongful death provisions.  That is, if someone is found liable for wrongful death, then the minimum judgement to enter is $250,000.00 in damages.  There is no cap on the maximum a fact finder may award.

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