Infographic: Safe Driving Tips

Our RI car accident lawyers have compiled these tips to help keep Rhode Island motorsits safe. The best way to keep yourself and others safe on our roadways is to never text or talk on a cell phone while driving. If you have been injured in a car accident due to a distracted driver, please contact our RI auto accident attorneys for help today.

Safe Driving Tips Infographic
Safe Driving Tips
  • When driving with others, appoint a designated texter.
  • If you’re in a car with a friend who’s driving and texting, do not hesitate to tell them to stop.
  • Turn off notifications. The less you hear your phone, the less tempted you’ll be to respond
    while you’re driving.
  • Avoid multi‐tasking while driving. Focus on the road.
  • When you’re in the car, put your phone where you can’t get it. A place where you won’t even be tempted to look for it.
  • There’s an app for that: Find an app that can help you stop texting and driving.