10 Must-Know Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Motorcycles are becoming increasingly common on the East Coast. During the summer when weather and temperatures are favorable, you may find you are sharing the road with multiple bike riders. Unfortunately, we also see an increase in motorcycle accidents during summer. Accidents can occur because of distracted drivers, inexperienced motorcycle riders, or dangerous road conditions. Whether you are a novice or veteran bike rider, make sure to keep yourself safe on the road.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

While you cannot control the vehicles around you, there are things you can do to prevent yourself from causing an accident.

  1. Don’t Buy More Motorcycle Than You Can Handle – Bikes come in different sizes and power levels. Models today are much faster than they were a few years ago. When looking for a motorcycle, purchase one that suits your body type, size, and experience.
  2. Invest in Quality Motorcycle Gear – While sitting on a bike, there is not much protecting you from the open pavement. Do your best to protect yourself by investing in a good pair of boots, gloves, and leathers. Also, do not skimp on your helmet – this is the one thing that could be the difference between death and a concussion.
  3. Invest in Anti-lock Brakes – These have been proven to be lifesavers on motorcycles, but not all bikes are equipped with them. If you are purchasing a new bike, look for one that has ABS – you may even be able to receive an insurance discount for having them.
  4. Be Respectful – Look out for other drivers and make sure a driver sees you. Do not weave in between traffic or even drive off on the shoulder.
  5. Use Your Signals – Just as in driving a car, you should use your signals to let other drivers know which way you are turning or when you are changing lanes, preventing other vehicles from accidentally cutting you off.
  6. Do Not Tailgate – Never tailgate another vehicle, bike, or truck. If they suddenly stop and you cannot maneuver or stop in time, you run the risk of being thrown from your bike.
  7. Do Not Speed – Speed limits apply to motorcycle riders as much as motor vehicles. Do not speed on your motorcycle – not only is it reckless, but it could mean you will be held liable for any accidents you cause.
  8. Avoid Distractions – Distracted riding is becoming increasingly common. Do not use your iPod or cellphone while operating your bike. Keep both hands on the handlebars and keep your eyes on the road ahead.
  9. Be Cautious in Bad Weather – While a light sprinkle of rain may not affect your bike, remember that you only have half the traction of a car in the rain – and no windshield wipers. Check the weather before you go for a ride and if it is going to rain or snow, use other transportation.
  10. Do Not Operate a Bike Drunk – Drunken driving happens as much on motorcycles as it does in cars. If you have been drinking, never operate a motorcycle.

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