$100,000.00 Drunk Driving Rhode Island Car Accident Settled By Personal Injury Lawyer Mike Bottaro

drinking and driving

It is tragic when I hear of someone in our community being injured by a drunk driver in a car accident and very satisfying to stand up against drunk driving. Today, I wanted to share a recent drunk driving auto accident that was settled for $100,135.00!

Our client was stopped in traffic in Cranston, Rhode Island, when the defendant carelessly caused a rear end car accident. Our client, a RI mother, wife, and office worker, suffered immediate pain. Her primary care doctor diagnosed multiple personal injuries – including a cervical injury (neck), and referred her to physical therapy.

When conservative treatment did not ease her pain and suffering, our client went for an MRI – where a C5-C6 left paracentral disc protrusion (also referred to as a disc herniation, or herniated disc) was discovered. Our client then received cervical epidural injections, but did not feel relief. Her next step of treatment was to undergo a C5-C6 discectomy and foraminotomy. In this surgery, a portion of a bulging or degenerative disc is removed to relief nerve pressure. Because of this surgery, our client now has a permanent incision scar on the back of her neck, something that will be a constant reminder of her accident.

Due to the herniated disc, our client’s life changed immensely. After the collision, her daily life and activities were disrupted and limited. She could not do simple household duties, like laundry or cleaning, without pain. She now faces a lifetime of future problems – such as a higher risk of developing arthritis and further medical treatment and pain, all because of the negligence of another driver.

I am proud to be a personal injury attorney and help in these situations. It was an honor to personally work on this case and see it through.

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