$100,000.00 Motorcycle Accident Settlement For Bottaro Client

When a biker went down in Fall River, Massachusetts with life threatening personal injuries, he contacted us right away. At Bottaro Law, my team and I are proud to focus on Rhode Island and Massachusetts motorcycle cases.  In today’s blog, let’s look at a recent maximum policy limit $100,000.00 motorcycle accident settlement we achieved for this man. 

What Do Personal Injury Clients Need To Prove After a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident?

It’s important to understand that after a bike accident, you have the burden of proof to establish that another was at fault (liability) for the crash and that it caused you damages.

At the same time, you must refute that you contributed to the crash (comparative fault) in any way.

After a motorcycle accident with personal injuries in Rhode Island or Massachusetts where we practice law, you are up against big insurance companies and even big hospitals and medical providers.  You must realize that these big companies view you as a claim number and are trying to minimize what they pay you and, in the case of medical bills, maximize what you pay them! Yes, even when you are not at fault!

Therefore, we offer 24/7 free case reviews for all motorcycle cases. You can text or call us (401-777-7777) or use the web form or chat here.

In this case, our client was a longtime steel worker who did nothing wrong. But he was smart enough to know that after the crash where he suffered serious personal injuries, he needed to “lawyer up” right away so we could jump on completing forms, dealing with getting him paid for his bike, giving him advice on what to do and not do, and attend to many other details.  Hiring us right away helped ensure his case got off to a great start, ultimately leading o a $100,000.00 settlement.  

A parked Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Fall River, Massachusetts Bike Accident: Winning The Personal Injury Case!

To win, you must be prepared.  In this case, our investigation revealed that truly our client did nothing wrong.  Traveling on a main road in Fall River, our client had the right of way, when he was hit by a driver who avoided a stop sign while taking a left turn. We had to establish not only the other driver to be at fault, but that our client was not partially at fault.

Next, we needed to establish that the bike crash caused him personal injuries and also then establish his money damages.

In these regards, the crash crushed his leg.  First responders rushed to the scene, transporting him to Rhode Island Hospital. 

Our client suffered a complex leg fracture requiring immediate surgery with hardware placement. Specifically, the diagnosis was a tibial plateau fracture with compartment syndrome.

The resulting damages included his lost wages and medical expenses, as well as ongoing pain and suffering and future impairment.

Upon completing our investigation and properly assembling the evidence, we were able to  quickly secure a $100,000.00 maximum policy limit settlement without our client needing to spend time and money in court. 

motorcycle accident

Above: Our client’s leg fracture with fixation following the motorcycle accident.

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