$100,000 Maximum Settlement for Warwick, RI Client in Rear-End Accident

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In a recent case, we were blessed to serve a Warwick, Rhode Island father of three and obtain a policy limit car accident settlement for his personal injuries.

Rear-End RI Car Accident Results in Neck Injuries With Facet Injections

Our client was simply driving home from work to have dinner with his kids and pregnant wife.

Having finished a job in the East Bay our client was returning home on I-195 W. As he approached the I-195, I-95 interchange traffic began to slow.

Reacting to traffic our client began to slow. Without warning, a careless driver failed to react to traffic causing a rear-end accident.

Presenting with neck and upper back pain the following day, our client went to Kent Hospital.  There they performed an X-ray and CT scans and advised him to go to physical therapy.

At his initial physical therapy visit, our client was diagnosed with a bilateral trapezius muscle strain and would continue with physical therapy for a few more months.

Being in so much pain he could barely walk, our client underwent a second MRI that revealed traumatic disc injuries to C3-C4 and C4-C5.  This required additional medical treatment including facet block injections and physical therapy.

Getting the Maximum Settlement for our Personal injury Client: The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Difference

Knowing the insurance companies would hassle him about his previous injuries, our client called us right away. This was the correct move, as our team of experienced lawyers began immediately investigating his case.

We assembled a solid case that the insurance company couldn’t fight us on. They quickly settled for the maximum amount.

We were able to take away the headache and stress of dealing with the insurance company. Now our client can rest easy and has plenty of time to spend with his newborn child.

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