$112,500.00 Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Involving Drunk Driver Settlement Obtained by Attorney Mike Bottaro

Person riding a motorcycle

Motorcycle season is upon us! For one of our clients, a summer night cruise turned into a life changing experience last summer. Recently, we settled her motorcycle accident case involving a drunk driver where our client suffered complex knee and elbow fracture.

Woonsocket Motorcycle Accident With Complex Injuries

Our client was riding her motorcycle when she was struck by a careless drunk driver in Woonsocket, RI. Ambulance rushed to the scene and transported our client to the nearest trauma hospital and performed an immediate laceration repair.

Luckily, our client was wearing a helmet during this motorcycle accident. However, the impact from the motor vehicle was strong enough to eject our client ending with a leg and elbow laceration and an arm fracture. She also lost consciousness and was in a significant amount of pain. As our client was rushed to the hospital, the drunk driver was already undergoing an arrest for a DUI and cited for violations.

Our client’s injuries from motorcycle accident       Our client’s injuries from motorcycle accident

The Bottaro Law Difference: Litigating Complex Personal Injury Cases To Achieve Maximum Settlements

Our client was struggling with finding the care she needed from her previous attorney, and finally called 777-7777. I understood she was not feeling heard, and I wanted to get her not only the best treatment, but the justice she deserved.

Our team quickly investigated and confirmed that the driver of the motor vehicle was indeed at fault and would take full responsibility. Not only was she injured during the accident, but she continued to struggle afterwards. She soon broke her wrist after her leg gave out on her post accident. As our client focused on adapting, we focused on taking care of the insurance companies and making sure we fought for the best settlement we could.

Closure For Our Client!

Our client’s motorcycles in the drivewayOur client was not only in pain and experiencing this trauma, but worried about her future with this personal injury.  Will I be able to ride again? What’s going to happen to the drunk driver?  As we provided answers, she provided the strength to get better! The parties agreed upon a settlement that would bring closure to our client and help provide some certain financial security for her.

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