$130,000.00 Maximum Settlement For Mike Bottaro’s Client And New Friend

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During this extremely difficult time, I want to share a story about a client who came into my office as a client and who left as a friend.  This case involves a serious car accident requiring emergency surgery with MRSA complications afterwards.

Warwick, Rhode Island Car Accident Resulting In Emergency Hand Surgery

When my client walked into the office with his hand badly injured and bandaged, I knew he needed immediate help.  He was a 45 year old family man, married with several children, including one with special needs.

I will always remember him. He asked a lot of questions!  Very good questions. Like many personal injury victims, his emotions ran the gamut from pain, sadness, anger, and gratitude.

You see, our client was simply driving straight down the road, a road we all know in Rhode Island…. Bald Hill Road. Suddenly, in broad daylight on a summer day, a young female driver pulled out of a fast food restaurant at a high rate of speed, slamming into his car.

The heavy hit caused air bag deployment and immediate pain.  Rescue took our client to Rhode Island Hospital.

Amongst other injuries, the impact caused a nasty open displayed fracture in his right thumb that affected the use of his hand. Surgeons took him to the OR and performed a complex surgery.

Our client began conservative treatment for his other injuries, but had to temporarily cease treating due to continued thumb pain- and then – a further kick in the pants — the wound was infected with MRSA!

After receiving treatment for his infection, our client began hand therapy treatment to gain strength and range of motion (ROM) in his thumb.

It’s Good To Know – Our Client!!

In personally handling the case myself, I learned quite a lot about my client. I am proud to say that we had our ups and downs – even arguments – but that we ended as more than an attorney-client relationship, but a friendship.

By taking the time to get to know my client, it made me a better lawyer on his case. I listened to him explain how the injury impacted the everyday activities of his living, including caring for his autistic child.

Not only did I get every penny form the insurance companies for him, but I also worked hard to reduce the medical expenses that had to come out of his settlement, even successfully appealing charges made to his account!  All of this got my client the most possible money in his pocket. And when the COVID19 hit, my team came in special to ensure that we got him his settlement check earlier than expected!

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