West Warwick Rhode Island Roll Over Car Accident Settled by Attorney Mike Bottaro

Photo of our client’s pickup truck following the T-bone car accident

It’s not everyday that I see a truck flipped upside down in a Rhode Island car accident. But that is exactly what happened to our client in a case that I recently won.

Car Accident Causes Ankle And Shoulder Injuries

Our client was traveling down a straight road in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Suddenly, a careless driver attempted to pull out from a Dunkin parking lot.

The negligent driver t-boned our client’s yellow pickup truck with such force so as to flip the truck completely over:

Paramedics arrived and extricate dour client, in pain, and got him to Rhode Island Hospital. Doctors diagnosed several injuries, including shoulder and ankle injuries.

After attending months of physical therapy and feeling no relief from his injuries, our client underwent an MRI. Upon review of the MRI, doctors discovered that our client suffered from a split tear peroneal brevis, and tendinopathy of peroneal longus with complete tearing at the base of the foot. Our client has been able to slowly improve through conservative treatment.

Personal Injury Experience Matters: Getting A Fast Out Of Court Settlement

In this case, our client was an older gentleman who did not want to spend the time and costs in going to court. He asked me to obtain the best possible out of court settlement as quickly as possible.

There is an art to obtaining an out of court settlement. Most car insurance companies will begin with low offers, and sometimes the threat of a jury trial is just what is needed to get the best car accident settlement.

In this case, my team was on the ball in having the evidence well-organized and keeping the insurance company updated. This made my job of negotiating with the senior adjuster flow more smoothly.

In our initial negotiations with the insurance company, they were hesitant to accept full liability for the accident. They tip-toed around the idea that our client was partially at fault for the accident. Through diligence, we were able to dispel comparative negligence and obtain a full settlement that brought closure to our client. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we put our clients first. I’m proud of the hard work my team put into this case.

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