Safety Tips for Surviving Holiday Shopping Traffic

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During the holiday season, more and more people hit the street, and traffic can become a nightmare. While some of the frustrations you experience as a driver are weather-related, others are related to increased holiday shopping traffic. During this time of year, the potential for heavy traffic also brings a greater risk of car accidents.

According to USA Today, the National Safety Council has determined that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend (including Black Friday), Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day are among the most dangerous holidays for travelers. Although drinking plays a role in many motor vehicle accidents around the holidays, distracted drivers, an increase of vehicles on the road, and frantic shoppers can also turn a quick trip into a disaster. In the worst case scenarios, holiday shopping traffic can turn fatal.

Fortunately, we offer some safety tips which can help you and those you love survive this year’s holiday shopping traffic:

Holiday Shopping Traffic: Why You Need to Plan Ahead

As we get closer to the holidays, people often tend to become stressed out and distracted. This can lead to short tempers, drivers who aren’t paying full attention, and aggressive drivers, all of whom pose a potential risk. If you need to go shopping to pick up gifts for family and friends, be sure to plan ahead. Know before you go. Plan to get to the mall or your other shopping destination early so as to avoid street traffic and jammed parking lots.

Avoid Heavy Traffic Shopping Areas During Peak Hours

While many people may need to do their holiday shopping after work or on weekends, stay safer by avoiding certain shopping areas during peak hours, including when traveling to and from work. If you don’t have to drive near the mall, then don’t. These areas tend to have lots of traffic during the holiday shopping season, with congested streets and drivers who may be more frustrated than usual. Steering clear of heavy traffic areas gives you a better chance of avoiding increased stress and will lower your risk of a car accident.

Listen to Weather Reports

Before you hit the streets to go shopping, listen to your local weather report. If the weather conditions are poor, postpone your shopping trip. Bad weather is no reason to put you, your family, or others at risk.

Use Your GPS

Your in-vehicle GPS is a great way to avoid holiday shopping traffic. Not only can drivers map out their route, but many GPS systems will tell you what streets are backed up and where accidents have occurred. Some systems also report on construction and police activity. If you are trying to get to the mall on a big shopping day, use your GPS. It may help you avoid getting stuck in traffic or being involved in a collision.

Emergency Kits: Be Prepared

Surviving holiday shopping traffic is about being prepared. Before you go out, make sure you have a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle, a warm blanket, change of clothes, water, food, and other supplies you may need in case you get stuck or involved in a pile-up. As accidents are quite common at this time of year, drivers need to make sure they have the supplies they need to stay warm and remain safe.

Avoid Driver Distractions

As with any time of year, drivers need to be committed to avoiding driver distractions. Even if you are stressed out or panicked about your holiday shopping, you can survive holiday shopping much better by paying attention, driving safely, and remaining alert. Driving distracted is dangerous, particularly during the holiday season when streets and highways are congested.

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