$240,000.00 Cranston, Rhode Island Motorcycle Personal Injury Settlement

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How does the personal injury process work after a RI motorcycle accident with personal injuries? This is Attorney Mike Bottaro and I want to share a recent successful settlement reached for my clients, a longtime married couple, whom I now also consider friends.

Motorcycle Accident With Fractures Including Tri Malleolar Ankle Fracture

On a nice fall afternoon, our clients were participating in a charity bike ride.

As they travelled in a large motorcycle group up New London Avenue in Cranston, Rhode Island, all seemed fine.

Suddenly, one motorcycle rider ahead lost control and laid his bike down.  Our clients swerved to avoid him, causing them to strike the guardrail and go down.

This was a horrific motorcycle crash in Cranston, Rhode Island that caused multiple fractures to both clients. Both went to Rhode Island Hospital, where they were treated for their personal injuries.

Our husband suffered rib fractures and multiple foot and toe fractures, amongst other injuries. His wife suffered multiple injuries form the bike accident including a tri malleolar ankle fracture requiring surgery.

After being discharged from the hospital, both clients went through several months of rehabilitation and conservative treatment for their injuries – but still have to face a future of follow-up treatment.

Going through any type of personal injury is extremely taxing on someone’s physical and mental health, but even harder when you suffer from neurological disease like fibromyalgia. Since the Rhode Island bike accident, the wife had complaints of increased pain and has experienced one of the “worst flare ups” from the accident.

The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Difference: Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Practices

I have been handling motorcycle crash cases throughout RI and MA for many years as well as our entire team. We understand the challenges and biases that bike riders face.

From the beginning on this case, the other biker’s insurance company was refusing to pay for the damage to our client’s bike or accept blame. The big insurance company was predictably claiming that because their biker “did not make contact” with our couple, they are not at fault. Denial.

I knew the importance of working fast. Fortunately, this couple texted me right away after the crash and engaged us to investigate. Our investigation was able to get witness statements, photographs, and other evidence to quickly build a great case! We also needed to put together the medical evidence and other evidence required to go after the insurance money.

Through this hard work, the insurance company finally caved, tendering over $240,000.00. Case settled!

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