3 Reasons It's In Your Financial Interest To Call a Lawyer RIGHT After Your Car Accident!

car accident

Having practiced personal injury law for as long as I have, one common question I get is “Why should I hire a car accident lawyer?” Friend, I love what I do and there are many reasons, but today I am going to appeal solely to your bank account. Calling or texting me (401-777-7777) right after a car accident will save you money and also earn you compensation you deserve but do know about. In the following 3 examples, the auto insurance companies are simply looking out for their financial interests – not yours!

  1. Vehicle Damage
    After a motor vehicle accident claim, a very nice auto insurer rep may call to tell you they will help and to bring your car to them, give a statement, etc. Beware! This tactic is the starting point for gaining leverage to pay you as little as possible for repairs or the total loss value on your car. You may even have other damaged or lost items from a car accident, such as glasses, a car seat, or even a cell phone that Progressive, GEICO, Allstate, etc. will resist paying you.  My team of lawyers and me know these tricks and know how to save you money here. And… we do not even charge you a penny for our advice regarding property damage.
  2. Lost Wages
    If you miss work after a personal injury and we make a case, than you have a right to recovery for lost wages. It is that simple, yet here again, without the best Rhode Island personal injury lawyer, the folks at the big auto insurers will try to nickel and dime and otherwise take advantage of you. Our local personal injury attorneys know these insurance people here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and know exactly how to document your lost wages. We give you the advice you need to ensure that you are completely paid for your lost wages.
  3. Medical Expenses
    Here again the law is clear but the big insurance boys do not want to comply – medical expenses incurred from personal injuries after a car accident are due and owed by the at fault driver’s insurer! It is truly amazing how many people try to file a car accident claim without the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC fighting for them, only to find out that these companies do not pay in full. Why should you have to pay when it was not your fault?! We know your legal rights to full compensation. We know the ins and outs of dealing with forms, health and auto insurance, and medical liens to ensure that your car accident case is handled professionally, in your best financial interests !

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