3 Things You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Personal Injury Law

When a loved one passes away due to the potential careless of another, in personal injury law we use the term “wrongful death.” It has been my honor and privilege to help the families of those lost due to such negligence for over two decades. Today, I would like to provide some information that I hope you find helpful on this difficult topic. As always, I am standing by to review your situation with a free, confidential case review.

What is a “wrongful death”?

This is a term that is used in civil personal injury law to describe a type of legal case for monetary damages arising out of a death that may have been caused by another person or entity’s negligence.

Such tragedy may occur in various situations such as a car accident, fall injury, nursing home abuse, or act of medical malpractice.

Who may make a claim for a RI or Mass. wrongful death?

Each case is different. At Bottaro Law, we primarily practice wrongful death law throughout our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities. We only take a select few cases and we only represent the families and loved ones of the decedent, never the defendant or insurance company.

Generally speaking, if you are a family member or friend of the decedent, we may be able to help you petition the court in order to be appointed to represent the Estate. There are certain family members who may have direct claims as heirs or beneficiaries (or friends if they are identified in a will or trust).

Additionally, some close family members such as a surviving spouse, parent, or sibling may have rights to bring “loss of consortium, or companionship” type legal claims.

Every case is different, so it is important that you contact us to review your specific situation.

What types of monetary damages are available for wrongful death?

There are several categories of legal monetary damages that may be recoverable in a wrongful death case. Again, each case is unique.

Generally, for example Rhode Island’s Death By Wrongful Act statutory scheme permits claims that include pain and suffering, medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost earning capacity, and loss of consortium.

When losing a loved one, it can be hard to understand who to trust or understand your rights. Surviving spouses, children and parents can recover damages for the loss of loved ones. What damages are possible in Rhode Island Wrongful Death Cases?

What should you do next? Many surviving family members do not know they are eligible for reimbursement for items such as funeral and burial expenses. When you lose someone, especially unexpectedly, it can be hard to collect your thoughts. I hope that by reading this blog, our law firm may be able to help you through a difficult situation.

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