4th Of July Summer Safety Tips From Attorney Mike Bottaro On The Rhode Show

Where are the parades and parties this 4th of July here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts?  While I realize that this is a popular question, in today’s blog I would like to remind everyone to be aware of the harmful effects of alcohol as we celebrate.  I recently appeared on The Rhode Show here on Channel 12 to discuss summer safety, and one of the topics was how alcohol abuse can contribute to personal injuries in the summer months.

As a top personal injury law firm that serves our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities, the Bottaro Injury Lawyers team has seen the devastating effects of representing victims of drunk driving, boating accidents, and fireworks accidents.  If you need help this 4th, our team offers 24/7 free case reviews by text, call, chat.  Below are four types of personal injury cases we handle that often arise from careless drinking.

1. Drunk Driving Personal Injury Lawyer For Car Accidents

In 2021, drunk drivers killed 13,384 people.  This equates to about one person dying every 39 minutes due to drunk driving.  In fact, 41% and 42% of all motor vehicle deaths involved alcohol in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, respectively.  When people drink and drive, they can seriously hurt or kill others.  Our firm supports Mothers Against Drunk Driving and similar organizations dedicated to minimizing drunk driving in our communities.  If you have been a victim of a car accident caused by a suspected intoxicated driver, know that at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we are passionate about standing up for your legal rights.

Person reaching for their keys after drinking alcohol on the 4th of July

This 4th of July, if you’ve been drinking, don’t pick up your keys. And if you’re driving sober, be careful and vigilant of any impaired driving behavior you see.  If an impaired driver injuries you, call us immediately to discuss your case.

2. Drunk Driving And Personal Injury Lawyer For Motorcycle Accidents

To some, there is no better way to celebrate U.S.’ Independence than with a motorcycle ride on the 4th of July.  Unfortunately, motorcyclists are overrepresented in drunk-driving fatalities.  According to NHTSA, in 2021 alone 5,932 bikers were killed in traffic crashes and of those motorcycle riders, 29% of them were driving above the legal limit.  For many years, our motorcycle accident and bike accident lawyers here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts have helped bikers recover compensation for their bike damage and personal injuries.  If you go down, know that we are aggressive and here to stand up for bikers’ rights, especially if the other driver was intoxicated.

If you plan to bike this weekend, bike sober. And be mindful of erratic drivers on the road who are not looking out for your safety.

3. Drunk Driving And Personal Injury Lawyer For Boating Accidents

I have had the honor of representing a young family devastated by a boating accident in Johnson’s Pond, Coventry, Rhode Island.  Our firm handles boating accidents.  If the captain’s alcohol use contributed to your personal injuries, we will hold that captain responsible.  The sixth most common contributing factor of boating accidents in 2021 was alcohol use.  Devastatingly, alcohol use was the number one contributing factor of boating accident fatalities in 2021.

4. Alcohol Abuse Personal Injury Lawyer For Firework Accidents

As we all know, the weeks leading up to and following the 4th of July are filled with fireworks.  It is probably why June is National Firework Safety month – 74% of all firework accidents occur in the few weeks before and after the 4th of July.  People tend to sustain injuries from fireworks by being too close to or in the way of the firework’s trajectory.  Alcohol impairs, among many things, your ability to think rationally, act safely, and move quickly.  Of the firework fatalities in 2020, 44% of victims were intoxicated or drug impaired.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we know how to hold property owners responsible for personal injuries caused by fireworks.  As one example, I obtained a substantial settlement for a teenager who lost vision when he was struck by an errant bottle rocket firework.

In conclusion, everyone here at The Bottaro Injury Lawyers team wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July.  We are here for you!

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