Firework Safety Month


When you think of summer, fireworks are probably one of the first things you think of. Watching the beautiful colors light up the sky are always extremely entertaining, but they can also be dangerous. July is known as National Firework Safety Month – but even when July is over, people still love to light up the sky.

Firework Laws in Rhode Island

When buying fireworks, you should always make sure that they are legal. What makes a firework illegal in Rhode Island, though? According to the Rhode Island Division of State Fire Marshal, any firecrackers, rockets, mortars, or any other device that launches a projectile and/or makes a “bang” are illegal.

RI General Laws § 11-13-1 of the Rhode Island Law states that no person shall offer for sale at retail or at wholesale, shall possess or have under his or her control, use or explode, or cause to explode for exhibition or amusement, display fireworks or aerial consumer fireworks unless permits are obtained. If someone were to violate this law, they could be guilty of a felony and fined an amount not exceeding $1,000.00 for each offense.

Dangerous Products and Product Liability

Illegal fireworks can be very dangerous, especially if they are made improperly. If you received a personal injury from the use of fireworks, you could file a claim against a manufacturer or seller. These dangerous products, or product liability, lawsuits can be classified by three types of allegations:

  1. Negligence: Claims that the products manufacturer or seller was negligent in designing, producing, or selling the product, and thus caused it to be defective or dangerous.
  2. Breach of Warranty: The product’s manufacturer or seller fails to uphold the promises made by the product’s warranty.
  3. Strict Liability: Strict liability isn’t applicable to every claim – but when appropriate, someone can recover compensation for an injury without having to prove negligence or breach of warranty. They still must prove the product to be dangerous or defective, as well as demonstrate the extent and value of their damages.

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