$67,500.00 Settlement In Providence RI, Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Case

bike accident

As the weather warms many of us enjoy biking throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. As a biker myself, I am passionate about helping those injured in a bicycle accident. Recently, we settled a Cranston bicycle accident from last season that I will recount in today’s blog:

Multiple Personal Injuries Including Traumatic Ankle Cyst resulting In Surgery

Our client, a father of 3, was out for an evening bike ride in Providence.

Suddenly, a driver turned left and slammed into him.

This careless act resulted in the at-fault driver colliding into our client’s ankle and the bicycle. The force of this collision threw our client from his bike, causing him to land on the right side of his body.

Our client suffered personal injuries to his ankle, forehead, and hands. Our client was transported immediately by rescue to Rhode Island Hospital.

After conservative physical therapy did not resolve the ankle injury, further treatment revealed a post-traumatic ganglion cyst on his left ankle.

This type of cyst requires surgery to be removed. After the client received surgery he went to physical therapy treatment to help strengthen his ankle and wore a compression sleeve to control swelling around his ankle and help during work.

The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC: Fighting For Justice

I take a particular interest in bicycle accident cases as a rider myself. Often, insurance companies will try to dispute who is at fault in these cases and it was important here to understand the “rules of the road” and properly investigate how the bicycle accident occurred.

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