7 Questions With Legal Assistant Meghan Doyle!

What’s it like to be a legal assistant at Bottaro Law?  At our personal injury law firm, we are proud to represent regular people to help achieve justice against big insurance companies and obtain great settlements!  Today, I thought it would be insightful to learn from one of our caring Case Managers, Meghan Doyle. 


Q: Meghan, what appeals to you working in the personal injury legal field?

A: I enjoy being able to get to know our clients, creating a connection.  This is important so that I can then help solve their problems through a difficult time after a personal injury such as a car accident or slip and fall. It is also challenging to learn about the medicine that goes hand in hand with personal injury.


Legal Assistant

Bottaro Law Case Manager, Meghan Doyle.

Q: How is our law firm different than others?

A: I have been in the personal injury field for close to five years now.  Before joining the Bottaro Law team, I started at another firm that advertised on TV.  Our firm here is more community oriented, in caring both for each other at the firm and also for our clients and in giving back to the community. Since I have worked here, I have been able to work on many large injury cases where the settlements we obtained literally changed our clients’ lives. Also, this has been the first job I had where Mike and all of us are intentional about regularly doing volunteer service projects and giving to each other and to charities. We actually have a financial assistance fund here to help those of us when we experience a financial emergency that I have benefited from.  


Q: Tell us about a memorable case that you worked on.

A: A memorable case that I worked on was a dog bite case in 2021 that involved a 7 year old girl who was viciously attacked by a border collie. This was a very different type of case compared to car accidents. I enjoyed learning something new and bonded very well with the family during this tragic time of their lives. 


Q: How is the work life balance working as a Case Manager at a busy, popular firm like ours?

A: I like the way the firm is well organized.  We are a paperless office that relies on technology to provide amazing customer service as well as legal expertise.  Leadership, including me, is always aware of case load and work assignments.  We are at a point in the firm where there is ample resources for everyone to work as a team and maintain organization.  I work regular hours.  And after work, I sometimes exercise with friends at the firm. We also socialize together.  Recently, many of us attended a wedding together, including Mike and the attorneys.  Our firm has a Care Team that intentionally schedules breaks in the day and plans fun events.  We have done escape rooms, laser tag, rock climbing, picnics, sports games, all kinds of stuff.  


Q: What have some of your clients said about the firm that makes you proud?

A: A few reviews or comments that my clients have made online and to me personally, is that the firm always communicates well and cares about their clients. I’ve had a few clients that have previously worked with other lawyers, and they had a bad experience until working with Bottaro Law. They can tell we truly care about our clients and are always here to help them! 


Q: Knowing what you know, what advice would you give someone here in our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities where we practice law if they have bene injured in a car accident or other personal injury? 

A: Call or text us right away!  People need to understand that the insurance companies – all of them, even their own, are not looking out for you!  Same as hospitals and other medical providers.  They are looking to cut costs, pay you little, and/or take money from your case.


Q: Question No. 7 (since we are available for a free case consult 24/7 by calling or texting 401-777-7777)…. What is something we may not know about you? 

A: I love sharks! When I was 21, I went tank diving into a tank with 22 sharks in the Bahamas. I can be a little daring and have walked across a rope net over a tank of sharks!  

Legal Assistant

Meghan getting ready to go tank diving in the Bahamas!

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