$72,500.00 North Providence RI Car Accident Case Settled by Lawyer Mike Bottaro

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Did you know that hip injuries from jamming on the brakes are a potential personal injury from car accidents? In today’s blog, I want to recount a recent settlement victory, for our client a 57-year-old woman from Cumberland, RI.

T-Bone Rhode Island Car Accident With Personal Injuries

Our client, a mother from Cumberland, RI was travelling down Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence.

Suddenly, a carless driver ran through a stop sign, causing a t-bone car accident. This was a significant collision to the passenger side of our client’s vehicle:

Rhode Island Car Accident With Hip Labral Tear Personal Injuries

From the car accident, our client had immediate injuries.  She got to her medical doctors with complaints of neck, back, and hip pain, along with concussion-like symptoms.

Our client underwent physical therapy. However, the hip pain remained.

In the crash, her right leg jammed onto the pedal. As we investigated the case, it became clear this was the legal causation of her hip injuries.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we pride ourselves on helping walk our clients through a tough time. In this case, we assisted in providing advice about a pelvic MRI and follow-up with an orthopedic surgeon. We also investigate the case and used medical evidence to connect the injuries to the crash – especially when the MRI result showed a labral tear in her hip. Fortunately, at this point, she continues to take measures to avoid any surgical repair.

This is a case that I handled personally as the lead counsel. At the end of all the hard-fought battles, I obtained a settlement of $72,500. I’m grateful that she can now get back to what she enjoys.

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