$75,000.00 Winter Rhode Island Car Accident Settlement

The winter season can bring tough driving conditions. A Rhode Island car accident involving personal injuries is very common, especially this time of year. Here at Bottaro Law, we recently settled such a case.

Coventry Rhode Island Car Accident Results With Shoulder Injuries 

Our young client was a passenger when the driver of the vehicle lost control of the wheel due to icy roads. 

Winter Rhode Island Car Accident

The icy road caused them to strike a boulder and crash the car. Our client was in suffered personal injuries to her right shoulder and right arm. The impact caused immediate pain and bleeding.

In the winter months, a lot more people tend to stay home and avoid the cold. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are 29% more accidents in the summertime because there tend to be more people traveling on the road.  

Coventry Fire Department rushed to the scene and our client was rushed by rescue to Rhode Island Hospital. She was admitted to the hospital and her personal injuries to her right arm ended with needing surgery. 

The auto accident caused multiple personal injuries, including a fractured, broken arm and a shoulder injury.  Our client could not work and lost wages.

Winter Rhode Island Car Accident Victim

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Our client was smart to call us right away and understood that the insurance companies were not on her side. She was familiar with our top rated Rhode Island personal injury law firm because we helped settle her family’s’ case in the past. 

In this case, our client had trouble with many issues including coordinating her transportation and doctor appointments to treat her injuries.  After a car accident, our law firm proudly helps with these details and soon we had a rental car for her as well as appointments set up.  

It would be a long process, but as she focused on getting better, we focused on fighting the insurance companies for the best settlement. Ultimately, the parties agreed upon a settlement that would bring closure to our client and help provide some certain financial security for her.

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