A Day Of Service At Bottaro Injury Lawyers: Free Coffee, Anyone?

Recently, our law firm’s Ministry Care Team arranged to volunteer at a local coffeehouse with a random act of kindness in mind: buying free coffee for our neighbors in Cranston, Rhode Island!  The day was a part of our firm’s vision for helping others in our community, separate and apart from being the best we can be in successfully settling personal injury cases.

Part of the Bottaro Injury lawyers team at Brewed Awakenings!

Brewed Awakenings welcomed us (and our free coffee!) with open arms.

Personal Injury Law Firm Buys Coffee for its Cranston, Rhode Island Neighbors

One of our firm’s favorite local coffee spots is Brewed Awakenings.  I personally enjoy visiting several of their locations to grab hot coffees and delish sandwiches.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, volunteerism and giving back to our community are cornerstones to who we are.  In fact, we have a Ministry Care Team that intentionally coordinates service and giving regularly.  So, we thought naturally it would be fun to combine our love for others and our love for Brewed Awakenings!

Check out our neighborhood Brewed Awakenings in Cranston, RI for awesome coffee and snacks!

The plan was to arrive to the coffee shop on a mid-week work morning and spread some kindness by buying Rhode Islanders free coffee!  Kelsey, Erin, Rachel, and Marissa from the firm arrived early.  From there, Brewed Awakenings Manager, Stephanie, put our team right to work!

More of the Bottaro Injury Lawyers team at Brewed Awakenings.

We had a lot of coffee drinkers turning heads in excitement and thanks when they learned we had spotted their coffee and they had indeed received a “Random Act of Kindness” from Mike Bottaro!

Taking a break from the office to give back to the community and focus on something positive was a great experience.  A lot of the happy customers were excited to take some photos with us and their free coffee!

Cranston, RI Police and Bottaro Injury Lawyers’ Erin snag a photo!

We think that spreading kindness in the community is something we should strive to do on a daily basis and that is what keeps our firm strong when it comes to personal injury cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts!

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