Bottaro Law Serves: Feeding The Homeless At Amos House In Providence, RI

Did you know more than 1100 Rhode Island residents are homeless?  Recently, our firm did another volunteer service day with our friends at Amos House, one of the largest soup kitchens in our state. 

Amos House Volunteer Day

Bottaro Team Members Volunteering at Amos House

Volunteering At Amos House In Providence, RI. 

As a personal injury law firm, encourage our team members to get involved with the community and regularly volunteer through days of service; in fact, we even pay them to do so during the work day. 

Our team does not only strive to be the best personal injury law firm but to be the best teammate to each other and the community.  Helping others when they find themselves in unforeseen circumstances is what we care about the most. 

Our team was blessed to recently volunteer at Amos House. They spent most of their efforts preparing and cooking food in the kitchen to feed the homeless. 

In just a few hours, our team members shown above, were able to complete between 300-400 lunches for those in need. 

Amos House

Bottaro Team Members Volunteering at Amos House

What Is Amos House?

In the heart of downtown Providence, not far from our personal injury firm, is a non-profit organization called Amos House. 

Amos House is a community foundation that started back in 1976 as a small soup kitchen. Since 1976, the organization has been a staple of the Rhode Island nonprofit community, serving the homeless, unemployed, and those living in poverty.  Their organization not only helps by feeding the homeless but also has resources and support to find shelter, work, and social services for their families. 

Amos House volunteers

Bottaro Team Members Volunteering at Amos House

As we work with different clients with unforeseen circumstances, we know that anything can happen and change at any moment. Not everyone is in the best situation when they get into a car accident. 

Being able to help and giveback to the community, in other ways than helping the personal injured at the firm, was a blessing. 

We understand that things happen and that’s why if you are in a bad crash or suffer personal injuries, you can call or text us 24/7.

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