Attleboro, Massachusetts T-Bone Car Accident Personal Injury With Back Surgery Settles for $100,000.00!

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At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my team and I handle Massachusetts car accident cases everyday. Today, I want to share with you a maximum policy limit victory we recently had for our client involving a T-bone auto accident.

Attleboro, Massachusetts Car Accident and Personal Injuries

Our client was traveling eastbound on Pleasant Street in Attleboro, when the defendant exited the area and took a right hand turn onto Pleasant Street. Unable to avoid the other vehicle, our client struck the defendant – who was issued a citation on the scene.

Due to the impact of the car accident, our client faced multiple personal injuries. At his first orthopedic evaluation, our client presented with pain in the back of his legs, with occasional numbness and tingling in his right food. Having a prior lumbar spinal fusion, the auto accident certainly made his personal injury worse.

Our client felt little improvement with physical therapy treatment and was referred for an MRI of the lumbar spine. Results showed an annular tear and mild broad-based disc protrusion at L4-5.

Our client then underwent a left L5, S1-4 medial branch radiofrequency thermocoagulation under fluoroscopy – a lower back surgery that uses a heat device to target specific nerves and temporarily turns off their ability to send pain signals to the brain.

Permanent Injury and Settlement

Following back surgery in a personal injury case, there is complex legal issues to address. In this case, our client will likely need future care even after his case settles.

It was clear that we would need to investigate and prepare his case to legally establish that the car crash caused this worsening.  Otherwise, the insurance companies would not link the crash to his back injury and he would be less likely to receive a sizable settlement.

We were able to address these issues, working with an expert witness surgeon to investigate and prove the case. Ultimately, we secured policy limit settlements from not one, but two insurance companies – allowing our client to net as much compensation for his injuries as possible!

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