RI Automated Speed Enforcement System Act of 2021

automated speed enforcement

In today’s blog, let’s take a look at a new bill being introduced in Rhode Island that, as a personal injury lawyer, I read with interest.

If you have driven by a school in Providence, RI, you have seen one of the automated speed enforcement cameras. These cameras are part of the School Speed Enforcement System Act 2016.

Now, lawmakers in Rhode Island are looking to expand on this act. RI House Bill 64, named the Automated Speed Enforcement System Act of 2021, will use the cameras on all Rhode Island’s roads.

Do Cameras Help Prove Your RI Personal Injury case? Will These Cameras Keep Us Safer In Rhode Island?

To my understanding, the cities of Providence and Pawtucket have cameras in different school zones.

When started in Providence, there were complaints about a high number of tickets being issued to Rhode Island drivers.

Some folks here think these cameras are just a way for the cities to grab extra revenue from us drivers.

Others say the cameras will be a deterrent and make us all safer from car accidents, speeding, and personal injuries.

There may be support on both sides. It has been stated that data from the Providence cameras show that speeding violations have subsided by 75% in some areas. With this being said, Providence has also reported $4 million dollars revenue from the cameras.

Working to Improve our Communities

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we see car accidents and personal injuries resulting from the same every day. So, if we as a community can use cameras in a manner that decreases injuries and/or that can be evidence, then that may be a worthy goal. This is why this bill is important to us. If the bill becomes law, it has the potential to make a big difference in our communities. We hope that the cameras will be a deterrent to those who travel at unsafe speeds.

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