Back Surgery Before And After Car Crash

Do you have a RI or Mass. car accident case if you have pre-existing back injuries?  Absolutely. You may have a very good case, and you can call or text me 24/7 for a free consultation at (401) 777-7777. For example, in today’s blog, I am going to review how I helped our client achieve a maximum policy limit settlement after a crash aggravated his prior back surgery.

Do I Have A Case If I Had Prior Back Injury And Even Surgery? YES!

Here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we love to help people with underlying medical conditions get the justice they deserve after their injuries were worsened (aggravated) due to another’s carelessness.

What the insurance companies do not want you to know (among many, many other secrets that I will tell you!), is that you absolutely have a right to monetary compensation when your underlying condition is made worse in a RI or Mass. Car accident case. That is a legitimate personal injury claim, that is often misunderstood by the public.

In a recent case, our client and his girlfriend were violently rear ended in a Route 146 North Smithfield, Rhode Island car accident.

The girlfriend, who I also represented, had somewhat typical neck and back soft tissue injuries. She had no prior similar injuries. We achieved a very good settlement for her.

But the boyfriend (our client too) had a history of back pain, resulting in a fairly serious back surgery just two years before this car accident.

You might think that this made his case more difficult and perhaps worth less money.

Quite the opposite.

MRI results established that his back pain from this crash resulted in his surgical hardware becoming loosened – this mean that ultimately his surgeon advised that he now needed another back surgery!

Pre-Existing Back / Neck Injuries After A Car Accident? Get Bottaro On Your Side!

Our legal team ensured we had all of his previous medical records and dug in deep to better understand the client’s medical history. This helps us learn more about our clients and the extent of their injuries. We were able to use the medical chronology to combat any of the insurance company’s rebuttals, showing that until this crash our client had no issues with his prior surgery.

This crash left our client unable to work for a long time, and his quality of life changed drastically due to the negligence of the other driver! It is good he knew to call us right away so that we could get him the settlement he deserved.

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