Barrington RI Personal Injury Law News: $150,000.00 Settlement By Mike Bottaro

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After lengthy litigation, in today’s blog, I want to share a case success from a car accident with personal injuries that I handled in Barrington, Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Head-on Car Accident With Thoracic Outlet Syndrome “TOS”) And Concussion Symptoms

The crash occurred on one of Barrington’s famous landmarks, the bridge near the big white church.

We alleged that a young Barrington High School student carelessly allowed his vehicle to drift across the center lane into oncoming traffic. Our client was driving in the opposite lane. The resulting head-on car accident was terrible.

Lucky to be alive, our client had multiple injuries. At the emergency room, there were immediate personal Injuries including concussive symptoms, upper extremity injuries, neck, upper back, left thumb, forearm, and left thigh pain.

As she treated for her injuries, a brachial plexus injury became more revealing. Ultimately, there was a consult with a vascular surgeon, and a diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome (“TOS”) was made. TOS is considered a permanent injury that affects the nerves in a compression of the brachial plexus. This can – and has for our client – result in pain, tingling, and weakness in the shoulder and down the arm.  TOS can be a frustrating injury that may require multiple rounds of physical therapy, botox therapy, and ultimately, if serious enough an open surgery.

Fortunately for our client, her TOS has been relatively controlled with various physical therapy, but nonetheless it (along with her post-concussive symptoms) has not been a pleasant experience.

Proving The Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Personal Injury Case – And Winning – The Bottaro Difference.

The young driver’s auto insurance company did all they could to deny justice here. They forced us into litigation.

To establish fault of the other driver, I took his deposition, as well as the investigating police officer.

As to the injuries and money damages, I consulted with our client’s treating vascular surgeon. He provided me with excellent information and a detailed expert witness report.

Throughout litigation, our client had consistent symptoms and was a very credible witness. The case settled recently during this COVID time, for $150,000.00 pre-trial after being assigned to a jury trial.

Remember, insurance companies are in the business of making money, not helping people. They came back to us with a low offer. Therefore, we promptly filed a lawsuit against the insurance company.

Our hard work paid off, and our client is pleased.

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