Be Aware of Bankruptcy!

Did you know that a personal injury defendant can try to avoid paying for its negligence by seeking bankruptcy protection? As a personal injury lawyer who has lived through careless acts such as the clergy abuse scandal and the Sandy Hook massacre of innocent school children, this is outrageous.

Bankruptcy and Personal Injury: The Sandy Hook Case

The shooter in the Sandy Hook school massacre used a gun known as the Bushmaster AR-15. Remington Outdoor Co. manufactured the weapon and a huge investment company known as Franklin Templeton has big ownership in that gun company.

For years, the families and victims have been engaged in cutting edge litigation over whether the gun manufacturer could be held civilly responsible at all. Obviously, that is a controversial idea, and one that involves very detailed, time consuming, and national litigation on all sides.

Recently, a bankruptcy court has allowed Remington to essentially be auctioned off, a move designed by Franklin to insulate itself from any future litigation verdict. The families are currently fighting this move.

Personal Injury Law Often Entails Fighting Big Corporate, Wall Street Powers

This story is an example of the challenges that personal injury victims face fighting often, big companies, companies with massive resources such as money and top law firms.

The law includes an amazing constitutional right to trial by jury!

Often, lawyers such as myself and others say – “Just get us to a jury – let a jury decide!”

It is hard enough when big companies oppose our personal injury clients, often delaying, denying, and defending outrageous acts of negligence. A big Rhode Island auto insurance company like Progressive or Allstate is a master at delaying justice in your case for years. We get that and we can fight that 24/7!

These big companies KNOW that you have a good case, at least a fighting chance of getting justice if you could get your day in Court! So companies like Franklin will do all they can to not only avoid your day in court, but even try tactics like entering bankruptcy in huge cases like the Sandy Hook case.

Of course, if you have suffered a personal injury here in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, bankruptcy is not a typical shield that will hurt your case. But it does exemplify one of the many reasons you need to hire the best personal injury lawyers for your case!

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