Best Advice From Personal Injury Attorney: 5 Tips to Avoid a Car Accident During the Winter

traffic in snow

Do you know how to minimize the risk of a car accident in winter driving? This is Rhode Island and Massachusetts car accident lawyer Mike Bottaro giving you 5 tips in today’s blog!

1. Prepare Your Car Before Winter Driving

As the season changes to storm weather, remember to get prepared. This includes ensuring that your car is working properly such as tire pressure, oil levels, fluids, gas, etc.

This also means adding tools to your car, such as a snow brush, shovel, etc. You have a legal obligation to clear the roof and windows of your car of all snow and ice before driving!

2. Reduce Car Speed During Snowy, Icy Conditions

Drivers must always reduce their speed depending on the weather conditions – that’s the law!

We routinely handle car accident personal injury cases where a driver was simply driving too carelessly for the winter conditions.

This includes ensuring not only your speed is reasonable, but that you are leaving enough room between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

3. Stick To Plowed Roads During Winter Driving

One simple piece of advice if you must drive in winter conditions – try to drive on roads that have been cleared. This typically means main streets and avenues.

4. More Than Ever – Avoid Distractions And Stay Sober In Winter Driving

Our personal injury firm helps those injured in car accidents by distracted driving such as texting and driving. Or DUI or other bad ideas.

Especially in bad weather driving, be safe and stay focused on driving sober.

5. In A Snow (Or Any) Car Accident – Call For Help!

While you can take all the proper steps to be prepared for New England’s Winter, car accidents still occur.

When you are involved in a car accident, call the police right away. Stay in your car. Seek medical attention immediately.

If you have any physical discomfort at all — do not speak to any insurance company, until you call or text us 24/7 for a free confidential consultation!

At my firm, we take pride in helping our clients receive the maximum for their personal injuries. We know what to say – and not say – to the large auto insurance companies and we can help.

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