Best Dog Bite Lawyer Advice: 5 Things to Do if You’re Being Attacked

Person walking their dog on a trail

As the warm weather emerges, we all anticipate getting back outside and enjoying outdoor activities. Hitting the bike tracks, running on trails, and even walking in the neighborhood. What fun would it be without man’s best friend?

If you are like me, you tend to keep man’s best friend close. You learn to trust your dog with family, friends, and around other dogs. However, what happens when a slight interaction or passing with another canine or resident ends life changing? A canine may attack if they feel scared, aggressive, or protective of their owner. However, many times, people have suffered personal injuries from a dog-bite when they least expected it. In this blog, I’m going to share my advice on what to do if you’re being attacked.

What Do I Do If I’m Being Attacked?

1. Assert Dominance

Asserting dominance or using a firm voice can help prevent a dog from attacking and may help prevent the canine from getting closer or continuing to attack. Dogs are very sensitive and can tell when someone is scared or unsure. This can cause the dog to become fearful and more aggressive.

2. Remain Calm

Actual client’s scarring caused by severe dog bite.As startling as it is, remaining calm in the situation and assertive is important. Assertive dogs that are attacking, do not follow unstable energy. If you are protecting your dog or a child, you can put a barrier over them by placing them between your legs or hovering over them. Try to prevent screaming or crying, as this can arouse the canine as well.

3. Do Not Attack Back

As I mentioned before, remaining calm is important. You do not want to kick or punch the dog. This can almost seem playful, and this action can escalate their arousal and get them more worked up. Do not swing your arms or legs at the attacking dog, especially if they latch on.

4. Prevent Further Injuries

When you are being attacked, the natural urge is to pull away but, remember that it can only worsen the personal injury.  If the dog has bit a body part and is not releasing, do not move your arm or body parts opposite of the dog or try to pull and swing away. You should try to move the body part in the direction of the attacking dog’s mouth to avoid more injuries or tearing.

5. Use Your Surroundings

Person putting bandages on a woundIf you can, try to back up against a wall or area where the dog cannot get behind you. You want to keep the dog controlled in one spot. You may also want to look around for something that you can grab or throw or distract the dog. This can leave an opportunity to start walking in the opposite direction.

It’s Time To Get A Personal Injury Lawyer

A dog bite can be traumatizing and have long lasting effects. Depending on the severity of the wound, it’s important to seek medical treatment to avoid further damage or infections. Unfortunately, as dogs seem to be the perfect pet, we must be aware that there are necessary precautions if a dog bites you. We are experienced in handling dog bite cases and making sure you are compensated for what you deserve.

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