Best Personal Injury Lawyer Advice: Should I Give a Recorded Statement to the Car Insurance Company?

Insurance agent and man near car after accident

Did you know that you may not be required to give any statement to a car insurance company after a car accident? And that doing so may only serve to hurt your rightful claim for damages?

Giving the insurance company a “recorded statement” is something that is only bad for you, never good! If you are a Bottaro Law client, we take such a request seriously and will help handle this for you!

For many years now, I have limited my legal representation to only helping the injured after a car accident or other personal injury.  I am continually shocked and dismayed at how all insurance companies (yes, including “your own” – do you really have “your own” insurance company anyway!?) treat people.

You need to understand that to an insurance company, you are simply a claim number, a claim number in which their goal is to pay you nothing, or as little as possible to go away.

That may seem harsh. And it may seem incongruent with your experience with a pleasant voice on the insurance company phone. But is it? When they are nice to you, why is that? And more often, you may agree that they are not nice at all, sometimes they don’t answer the phone, or put you through a voice mail, switch representatives on you, or maybe it’s a number of other tricks you have experienced.

At any rate, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help explain to you the real way these companies work and can stand up for your rights. At my law firm, we are passionate about being your spokesperson and knowing what to say – and what not to say – to aggressive insurance companies.

So, “Do I need to give a recorded statement to an insurance company?”

The answer is that you likely do not. At least, most of the time.  And that is a worthy goal for us as your lawyer – nothing good comes from it when you speak to any insurance company without legal representation. Without a personal injury lawyer:

  • Insurance companies can control the questions they ask;
  • In Rhode Island, insurance companies can record your conversation – without your knowledge or consent;
  • Insurance companies can twist your words into what they want to lead to a denial of your claim or partial denial!
  • Insurance companies can violate at least the spirit of the law, if not the literal law – by using a “recorded statement” to in reality serve as an exhaustive “deposition” that can later hurt or destroy your claim!

Please do not speak to any insurance company, not even your own, without getting a free confidential consultation from us!

There may be times when ultimately, we must agree to some kind of recorded statement. But there are strategies to minimize this and to protect you to the fullest extent possible. And if you must give a recorded statement, you do not want to do so without getting legal advice!

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