Best Personal Injury Lawyer Advice: What You Should Know About Air Bag Safety

If you have suffered a serious injury in a car accident, did you know there could be a defective product that contributed to your injuries? And that you could have a right to legal compensation, even separate from your existing claim against the other driver?  I have experience handling what is known as product liability cases involving car accidents and today, let’s explore one part of that practice area, air bags.

Air Bag

Air Bag sign on the dashboard of a vehicle

Do I Have A Case For A Defective Air Bag (Product Liability) In Rhode Island or Massachusetts?

You may.  That is, if you are in a car accident and suffer serious personal injuries that may have involved an air bag, you should get a free case review from us.

For example, I handled a Rhode Island product liability case where during the crash, the air bag came out and struck the visor, causing the loss of eye.

How Can Air Bags Cause Product Liability Personal Injury Cases?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from the years 1987-2017, front airbags have saved 50,487 lives.

However, air bags sometimes do not deploy when they should, thereby causing personal injuries or even wrongful death.

Also, air bags sometimes deploy in a negligent manner and this too, can cause injuries or death.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has noted that children should always ride in the backseat because frontal airbags can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.  There is a long history of jury verdicts and news stories where air bags have cause such injuries.

What Do I Do If An Air Bag May Have Caused Personal Injury?

Preserve the vehicle immediately! And call or text us right away. Without the vehicle, there is no case. 

Air Bag

The inside of a vehicle after a crash that deployed the air bags

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