Best Practices For Winning Your Slip and Fall Case With An Expert Witness

slip and fall on stairs

What is the best way to win your Massachusetts slip and fall case? With decades of combined experience helping the injured after a slip and fall personal injury, today I want to review a powerful weapon to win your case in the context of a recent slip and fall court decision.

How Can A Slip And Fall Lawyer Help Win My Case?

I can tell you that if you have suffered a slip and fall personal injury, you need a top rated slip and fall lawyer to help you. Better than just one lawyer, our team has grown into a premier law firm throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts handling slip and fall cases. The truth is, without a top rated personal injury lawyer, you will never get a fair offer on your case.

We help by properly investigating and pursuing your slip and fall case to ultimately get you a top settlement.

One way we help is by determining whether your case would benefit from an expert witness. Now, an expert witness can be expensive and you need our expertise to find the right expert – and to spend the money for the hire! (You only pay us when we win your case!).

Expert Witnesses And Mass. Slip And Fall Cases: Deadlines Can Hurt Your Case! Act Now!

One recent Massachusetts case, Fogarty v. Whole Foods Market Group, Inc., presents a warning to be careful in the lawyer and expert you hire!

The Plaintiff suffered personal injuries when she fell down a concrete staircase in a Cambridge Whole Foods store. For whatever reason, it seems that the expert hired by Plaintiff slip and fall lawyer did not properly investigate the staircase right away. In fact, the evidence was that the expert waited until about two years after Plaintiff’s slip and fall before investigating the scene!!

Predictably, Defendant moved to strike (exclude) the expert’s statement. The federal judge agreed – finding that the expert failed to provide a reliable basis for his opinion. Uh oh. After that, the federal judge also granted defendant’s motion for summary judgment — meaning that the Plaintiff lost her case outright!

Slip And Fall Lawyer Best Practices: Act Fast, Do Not Delay!

As a personal injury attorney fighting for the rights of the injured, this case breaks my heart. The Plaintiff may very well have had a very good case with real injuries — but because of delay, lost the case. This appears to have been preventable and is thus, a tragedy.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we encourage you to contact us for FREE 24/7 to determine whether you have a case and to allow us to get right to work on investigating your case and meeting time deadlines and other obligations.

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