Best RI Auto Accident Attorney Advice: Injured by a DUI in a Car Accident

Night car accident

This is personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro and it has been my honor to represent victims of DUI drivers in car accidents. In today’s blog, let’s examine some of the issues that arise in a DUI car accident here in RI and MA where we offer 24/7 free consultations:

Do I Have A Case If I Was Injured By A DUI Driver?

Yes. If another driver’s carelessness caused your injuries then we can help you recover civil money damages.

Under the laws of negligence, you must prove the element of your case. In a situation where the other driver was negligent and was also charged with some type of DUI, you may have an even stronger case.  None of us in our communities like to hear of drivers being intoxicated and getting behind the wheel. When this occurs, it is our privilege to represent you and to do our part in seeking justice.

Will The DUI Driver Be Criminally Charged After My Car Accident?

Sometimes. One frustrating part of our criminal justice system is that citizens cannot bring criminal charges themselves. Not even civil lawyers can do that. The only lawyers in RI and MA that have the power to bring charges against a DUI driver are those in the attorney general’s office.

Usually, if there is an investigating police officer who suspects some type of DUI behavior, that officer will make an arrest and recommend charges.

Having our experienced personal injury law firm on your case means that we can be your advocate. While we cannot bring charges ourselves, we can certainly communicate with law enforcement officials.  You may also need our help in getting official government documents such as police reports. Where there is criminal activity involved, the police may be slow to release such information.

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