Best Personal Injury Attorney Advice: How Do I Get The Best Settlement?

At Bottaro Law, we have decades of combined experience handling personal injury cases such as car and bike accidents, falls, and the like.  “How do I get the best settlement?” is a common question, so here are 3 tips for getting the best settlement:


1. Hire The Best Personal Injury Local Law Firm Right Away

When it comes to car accidents, the first reaction is to call your insurance company and file a claim. However, as we have discussed in many blogs, all insurance companies (even your own) and hospitals, medical billing companies, and the like are all looking out for their financial interests, not yours.  The simple truth is this – “lawyer up”! You need a great law firm – one that is local and only handles personal injury cases.  We are passionate about limiting our Rhode Island and Massachusetts legal practice to only representing the injured – we offer a free case review, 24/7.


Best Settlement

The scene of a car accident in Providence, RI


2. Listen To Your Personal Injury Lawyer’s Advice 

We love our clients and have handled thousands of car accident, slip and fall, and other personal injury cases.  We treat everyone with respect and like family.  Our job is to provide great advice and communication, answering your questions, and partnering with you so you can get better and settle your case too!  So, all we ask is to listen to our advice.


3. After A Personal Injury, Focus On Your Medical Treatment And Getting Better!

We are here to serve you as your personal injury lawyers.  “How do I fill out the insurance form?” and similar questions are items that we can help you do!  The goal when you hire us is peace of mind.  Let us take away the stress of the phone calls, forms, and legal work.  You can concentrate on going to the doctor and getting better.  Believe it or not, this will yield you a better personal injury settlement.


Best Settlement

Person recovering from injuries working with their physical therapist


It’s Good to Know Bottaro Law – 24/7 Top Rated Personal Injury Help

At the Bottaro Law Firm, we care for people.  Attorney Mike Bottaro and his team handles all types of personal injury cases including car accident cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  We can also help on cases in other states as well.  Honesty. Integrity. Results.  Call or text us right now 24/7 for live help with a free case review at (401) 777-7777; chat, email, or feel free to complete our online form.  We are here to serve and help you!