Get The Best Slip And Fall Lawyers: 4 Answers To Winning Your Case In Rhode Island And Massachusetts!

Our local lawyers have decades of combined experience helping the injured in Rhode Island and Massachusetts win their slip and fall case.  As we head towards another slippery season, here are 4 tips you need to know about slip and fall personal injury cases in our communities:

Do I Need A Slip And Fall Lawyer? Yes!

Serious personal injuries can occur from slip and fall cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  When you suffer an injury on another’s property, the first thing you need to do is to hire an experienced personal injury law firm that handles slip and fall cases routinely.  

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Attorney Mike Bottaro owns The Bottaro Law Firm And Is Passionate About Helping Slip and Fall Victims

This is because these are extremely difficult cases to win and because you simply cannot get a great outcome without a great law firm behind you.  The property owner will likely have their own big insurance company or big lawyers/investigators whose goal is to pay you little to nothing.  They are often trained to be nice to you so you do not hire the best slip and fall lawyers! But all you need to do is call or text us 24/7 for a free case review.

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After A Slip And Fall? It Depends.

The answer as to who will pay your medical bills after a slip and fall personal injury depends on several factors.  The short answer is that often your health insurance should pay in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, but there are some tricks and traps here.  This is another reason why you need to “lawyer up” right away.

How Much Is My Slip And Fall Case Worth? Much more by hiring the right law firm!

I have blogged many times on this common question, “How much is my case worth?” There is not a personal injury lawyer in Rhode Island or Massachusetts who can honestly answer that question until you call or text us for a free case review. This is because the value of your personal injury case depends on the facts of your specific situation.  At our local law firm, we enjoy discussing your case value and educating our clients on the personal injury process!

Who Can Help Me With My Slip And Fall Case? Bottaro Law!

If you had a slip and fall injury from slippery floors, icy walkways, driveways, construction sites, or form other situations, the simple truth is that you need to lawyer up.  

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The law is too complex and the big companies too sophisticated for you to go it alone.  We provide not only free case reviews, but with our No Fee Guarantee, we work on commission and are only paid when we win your case.

It’s Good to Know Bottaro Law – 24/7 Top Rated Personal Injury Help

At the Bottaro Law Firm, we care for people.  Attorney Mike Bottaro and his team handles all types of personal injury cases including slip and fall cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  We can also help on cases in other states as well.  Honesty. Integrity. Results.  Call or text us right now 24/7 for live help with a free case review at (401) 777-7777; chat, email, or feel free to complete our online form.  We are here to serve and help you!