Best Tips On Back To School Bus Safety

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COVID or not, did you know that schools are starting back up in Providence, Rhode Island?! We have tragically represented many bus accident victims throughout RI and MA in their personal injury claims. Our personal injury law firm is headquartered right here in Providence, RI and we are near several schools. So, today, I am going to review some back to school safety reminders to keep our kids safe!

How To Minimize Bus Accident Personal Injury Claims

For decades now, bus companies have known that their massive buses and drivers can cause (and have caused) terrible injuries and deaths to members in our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities. In fact, we are currently representing a number of injured people from bus accidents here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC.

With our team having practiced combined decades of personal injury law, I can tell you that these bus companies and their drivers know what they SHOULD be doing to minimize bus accidents. When they do not do it, it is up to our firm of dedicated legal professionals to provide the help you will need to hold the bus companies and their drivers accountable and achieve justice. We help personal injury clients in all types of bus accidents such as RIPTA, Greyhound, etc. But as far as school bus accidents, as kids return to school, it is very important that bus companies follow at least the following basic minimal safety protocol (and there are many more, by the way):

  • Flashing Lights: School buses are equipped with flashing yellow lights to signal slowing and red lights to signal stopping
  • Extending Stop Sign: When buses are stopped, a stop sign arm extends to show the bus is stopped for children to get on and off
  • Children Waiting or Crossing: At some bus stops children have to cross the street to get on the bus, and often children stand by the road waiting for it to arrive. Look out for children playing while they wait for the bus!
  • Back Out Slowly: When exiting your driveway watch out for children walking or bicycling to school.

Best Practice Tips: Bus Accident Personal Injury Law

Here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts where the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC practices personal injury law, we have experience with bus accident personal injury claims. If you are involved in a serious personal injury, potential even a wrongful death situation, you need a free consultation with our attorneys as soon as possible. This is because these bus companies work fast to cover up the evidence and/or find ways to minimize their own negligence. Remember, the bus companies and their agents are NOT on your side – they are simply looking to avoid exposure to paying out money or getting into trouble with the law.  The best bus accident personal injury lawyers know that you need lawyers who will jump on the case right away, with the resources to investigate and fight. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my team and I pride ourselves on just that.

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