Beware The Milk Crate Challenge!

Milk Crates

Have you heard of the milk crate challenge? As you scroll on your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds, you may have noticed a new viral challenge making the rounds. It may look fun, but in today’s blog this RI personal injury lawyer is going to point out it may not be the safest idea!

What is the Milk Crate Challenge?

Ok, so the idea is basic — Using the plastic milk crates you find in your local grocery stores, pyramids are built out of these crates and are stacked as high as 8 feet. The challenge is to climb to the top of the pyramid and back down without losing your balance. While you are doing this presumably a friend is taking photos/videos for social media.

At the risk of being a Debbie Downer, may I point out the obvious? This is not safe and may lead to personal injury!

I am sorry to say but milk crates are not designed to be stacked high and stood upon by humans.

I would wager that somewhere, injuries are occurring during the milk crate challenge.

Perhaps some clever lawyer will attempt to make a products liability claim or perhaps there could be some personal injury claim depending on the unique facts of your injury.

But, equally, defense lawyers will no doubt claim that you have assumed the risk and make other obstacles to pursuing a personal injury case from the milk crate challenge.

So… be careful out there!

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