Women’s Health Issues: Bottaro Law April Charitable Focus

In April we are focusing on women’s health in supporting two important organizations.

women's health

Amenity Aid Logo

First, we are sponsoring a gala held by Amenity Aid.  Amenity Aid was started by Rhode Island women and is located right her in Warwick, Rhode Island.  The mission is to help source and ship female hygiene products to third world countries in need.

women's health

The International Association For Premenstrual Disorders Logo

Second, our legal assistant Rachel has selected The International Association For Premenstrual Disorders as her Teammate Charity of the Month.

At Bottaro Law, each month, one of us takes a turn at choosing a charity that is meaningful to them.  We place a giving box at our firm, and we all have the opportunity to experience the gift of generosity.  Folks generally toss a few bucks in when they dress down, but anyone can contribute as they deem fit and at the end of the month, the law firm matches (often rounding up).

women's health

The Giving Box at The Bottaro Law Firm

The International Association For Premenstrual Disorders founded in 2013. They focus on inspiring hope and ending suffering for those affected by premenstrual disorders through peer support, education, research, and advocacy. 

What Is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorders?

Premenstrual dysphoric (PMDD) is a severe form of premenstrual syndrome that includes physical and behavioral symptoms. It has been known to affect women of childbearing age.  It is a chronic medical condition that needs attention and treatment but is often overlooked. Lifestyle changes and sometimes medicines can help manage symptoms.                                               

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