The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Obtains $355,000.00 Personal Injury Settlement For Client Requiring Laminectomy Back Surgery

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When an SUV rear ended our client Gina on her way from work, it changed her life. The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC helped her get back on her feet.

The Hit & Run Car Crash: Immediate Personal Injuries

The impact of the crash caused severe damage to Gina’s vehicle. Amazingly, the other driver fled the car crash accident scene. Gina immediately felt back pain and in the days to follow would suffer other personal injuries. Gina contacted Attorney Mike Bottaro and our experienced Rhode Island hit and run accident lawyers jumped into action. Police found and charged the other driver with “Following Too Close” and “Evading the Scene of the Accident.”

Proving Legal Causation: The Underlying Back Injury And Worsening

As our personal injury law firm got to know Gina, we learned that she had an underlying low back injury that was severely worsened from this car accident. In fact, when conservative treatment failed, Gina had to undergo a serious back surgery consisting of a lumbar laminectomy and fusion. This serious surgery took Gina out of work and resulted in a lifetime injury.

It was clear that we would need to investigate and prepare her case to legally establish that the car crash caused this worsening.  Otherwise, the insurance companies would not link the crash to her back injury and she would be less likely to receive a sizable settlement.

To prove Gina’s case Attorneys Mike Bottaro and Dan Neal worked with Gina’s treating surgeon who knew Gina’s medical condition pre and post car accident. We pored over hundreds of her medical records dating back several years to find evidence in support of her case in consulting with the expert surgeon. Additionally, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC worked with Gina and her employer to properly document her lost wages as well as how this serious injury affected her life in terms of pain and suffering personal injury damages.

Through careful case preparation, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC ultimately secured settlement funds form two insurance companies totaling $355,000.00! Also, we worked hard to reduce her medical expenses as low as possible so Gina could net as much compensation for her injuries as possible.

Following surgery and rehabilitation, it was gratifying to visit with Gina at our firm.  She is now back to work and can put this car accident behind her.

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