The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Settles Boston, Massachusetts Personal Injury Case

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Did you know that ambulance companies have a duty to perform their work safely?  Our firm has a track record of success on Massachusetts personal injury cases. Today, I share with you a recent personal injury settlement success story stemming from a negligent ambulance company.

Boston, Massachusetts Car Accident with Personal Injuries

Our client was being transported from St. Anne’s Hospital to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in an Ambulance. The ambulance personnel were supposed to securely strap him in during the transport.

Suddenly, the ambulance driver slammed into the rear of another vehicle. During impact, our client was thrown backwards, breaking the stretcher.

Permanent Personal Injuries and Settlement

Doctors diagnosed concussion, as well as back and knee injuries.

Physical therapy treatment was recommended to our client and after four weeks of therapy, he still seemed to have pain and did not see any improvements. His PCP then referred him for an MRI of his right knee and back. The MRI results showed a chronic MCL sprain in his right knee, a partial tear of a ligament, and a left paracentral disc protrusion in his thoracic spine.

Personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and his legal team worked hard on this case, making sure their client received the best service throughout his case. Not only did our team handle the insurance companies, but we also helped our client receive compensation for his active pain and suffering, as well as assisted with his medical expenses.

We were able to settle this case for a confidential amount that helped our client get his life back on track, as well as help him get back into his art. What a surprise it was when he came to visit our firm with a beautiful piece he created for us!

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