The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Wins RI Court Annexed $27,500.00 Arbitration Award

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What is Court Annexed arbitration and how do I win?  If you have asked that question, odds are you have been in a Rhode Island car accident with personal injuries. At my law firm, we handle arbitrations for car accidents and personal injury cases almost every day. Let’s explore how this works in the context of a recent arbitration win!

What Is RI Court Annexed Arbitration For Personal Injury Cases?

In this case, a careless driver took a left hand turn into our client, clearly causing the car accident here in Providence, Rhode Island.

Our client suffered various personal injuries, incurring medical bills, and lost wages along the way.

When the time came for the at fault driver’s insurance company to pay up – predictably, they tried to low ball our client.

So she texted us (24/7 777-7777 service!) and we got to work.

I know that insurance companies are bullies and the only way to beat a bully is to stand up to them.

So, we slapped a lawsuit on them. At that point, our Rhode Island Superior Court rules required this car accident case to go through the Court Annexed Arbitration program.

Court annexed arbitration is a process where the sides prepare their case for review by an impartial judge or lawyer. We then hold a hearing where testimony is taken, similar to a jury trial, and the arbitrator ultimately issues a decision.

Under the rules, the decision is “non-binding.”  This means that either side can reject the award at which point the case may continue to an ultimate jury trial.

In our client’s case, we prepared and fought at arbitration. Our efforts paid off, resulting in a decision much higher than the lowball offer and ultimately settling the case!

If you have been injured in a crash and the other party is claiming they are not at fault, you should call me right away at 401-777-7777. I have decades of experience fighting and winning for people like you.

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