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Do you have a car accident case if you have pre-existing back injuries? This is Attorney Mike Bottaro and today I am blogging about a superb result our team reached on a Rhode Island personal injury case that was complicated by our client’s pre-existing back injury. The short answer is that you may have a very good case if the case is properly prepared and researched. So, if you have a question about an existing personal injury case, call or text me 24/7.

RI Car Accident With Spondylolisthesis Injury Resulting In Surgery

Toll Gate Road in Warwick, Rhode Island is highly traveled with many intersecting roads; however it does not have many traffic lights or regulatory signs. In this case, it involved a 3 vehicle rear end crash at red light.

Our client was a 57 year old very active grandmother who was not at fault and in immediate back pain.

In the immediate aftermath of the crash, our client presented to her primary care physician’s office where she was then referred to a spine center.

An MRI established lumbar spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis (bone in spine slips out of place). She was then referred to orthopedics who referred her to Physical Therapy.

But after attending physical therapy for 21 weeks with little to no relief, she returned to the orthopedic physician and surgery was scheduled. Our client had surgery for a laminectomy fusion and received 22 staples.

After, her laminectomy fusion, she was unable to help babysit her grandson, drive for 4 weeks or take care of household duties such as cleaning or doing laundry. Our client was left with a prominent 3.5 inch scar in the middle of her back.

Do I Have A Personal Injury Case If I Have Pre-existing Injuries?

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we have combined decades of experience with motor vehicle personal injury cases, including where clients have underlying medical conditions.

In this case, our client had an extensive history of prior back pain. She had previously received many steroid and epidural injections to try to relieve this pain. At one point, it was even recommended that she should undergo lumbar surgery for spondylolisthesis but it was deferred at that time.

This crash had aggravated her previous injury causing the need to move forward with the laminectomy fusion.

Our legal team ensured we had all of her previous medical records and dug in deep to better understand the underlying issues at hand. This helps us learn more about our clients and the extent of their injuries. We were able to use, the medical chronology to combat any of the insurance companies rebuttals along with the legal research regarding aggravation of an underlying medical condition.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers Help Back Injury Clients!

Our client was understandably anxious during the personal injury legal process. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, our core values means that we are passionate about helping people. It is our honor and pleasure to help explain the process, meet with you, and hold your hand form acute injury, through a great settlement.  In the end, our client trusted us, as have thousands of Rhode Islanders, to get the job done, resulting in a very good settlement that will help her for years to come!

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