The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Settles Distracted Driver Car Accident For East Greenwich, RI Client

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If you are injured as a passenger in a Rhode Island car accident, you have important legal rights. And if you have an underlying back injury that worsens due to a car accident, you also have important legal rights.

In today’s blog, I explore a recent East Greenwich, RI personal injury settlement for our client that references both of the above issues.

Can I Make A Personal Injury Claim As a Passenger?

Did you know as a passenger you have the legal right to make a claim against drivers insurance for your personal injuries?

Our client is a 71-year-old woman who was a front-seat passenger in her friend’s car as they traveled in East Greenwich towards North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Unfortunately, the friend became distracted by her phone while driving, resulting in a serious car accident.

Our client suffered immediate pain in her back, neck, and shoulder, requiring medical attention.

Obviously, the friend should have been more concerned with the road than her cell phone.

What If I Have An Underlying Pre-Existing Medical Condition And Have A Personal Injury Claim?

In Rhode Island, there are certain laws that protect you if you aggravate a pre-existing condition due to a car accident.

In the case of our client, she was concerned she aggravated a previous lumbar stenosis injury.

Following up with her doctor he recommended physical therapy. Failing to provide our client with relief from her personal injury, doctors recommended a lumbar MRI.

Unfortunately, the lumbar MRI doctors would confirm our client’s concerns. Our client suffers from a broad-based disc protrusion at L4-L5 and lumbar stenosis at L2-L3, L3-L4, and L5-S1 with root compromise.

Bottaro Wins Settlement On Aggravation Of Underlying Back Injury (Potential Lumbar Fusion)

With knowledge of our client’s prior lumbar injury; the insurance company denied responsibility and came back with a low ball offer.

Luckily for our client, she called us. We got to work right away, gathering evidence and past medical records to compile a case against the insurance company.

We have extensive knowledge of the tricks insurance companies play and were able to get our client the maximum settlement.

If you’re suffering from a lumbar injury call us right away.

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