Bottaro Law Settles Plymouth, Massachusetts Boating Personal Injury Case

As a personal injury lawyer practicing throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, I have helped those injured on the water such as in boating accidents.  In today’s blog, let’s recap a boating accident case we were able to win for our grateful client.

Whale Watching can be a fun, summer activity to do with family and friends here in New England. However, for our client, a boat ride at sea was cut short and ended with an immediate ride to the emergency room. 


People sailing on a boat

Massachusetts boating accident – do I have a personal injury case? 

The short answer to the above general question is “yes, you could.”  Of course, it depends on the circumstances. Here at Bottaro Law, we offer 24/7 free, confidential case reviews.

Will insurance cover a boating accident personal injury case?

If you are injure don a friend’s boat or even on your own boat, for example, there should be liability insurance o cover your injuries.  In other words, you should nt need to (nor do we at our firm) sue your friends or family to obtain the monetary compensation you need and deserve after a personal injury boating accident.  In Rhode Island and Massachusetts boating accidents typically are covered by some form of insurance, if we can make and prove your case!

Getting back to our whale watching case, in this case, our client and her family were enjoying a weekend in Plymouth, MA when they decided to book a Whale Watch Sea Tour. A carless operator of the boat caused our client to lose a grip of the railing and fall down from one level of the boat to another.

She suffered multiple personal injuries due to the neglect of the operator that was speeding through the waves, which had enough impact to not only jolt our client from the railing down, but other passengers that were also on board. 

Our client’s personal injuries included a patella fracture and a ruptured quadricep tendon. When she fell on the boat, she was in immediate pain striking her knee on the steps. 

Boating Accident

Our client’s boating accident injuries

Massachusetts Personal Injury with Knee Injury – Fighting For Our Client

In personal injury cases such as a boating accident, we jump on investigating and proving your case.  

Here, we needed to obtain witness statements from other people on the boat and obtain, review, and understand the nature of the personal injuries, including the patella knee injury.

Another challenge here was that the commercial boating company was uncooperative in responding to our notice of claim.  

Ultimately, we were able to put together our client’s case and win an out of court settlement.    

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