Bottaro Nets Maximum $100,000.00 Settlement For Pawtucket, RI Car Accident Personal Injury Client

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Did you know that even when you are in a terrible crash and have shoulder surgery that Rhode Island insurance companies like Amica can deny, delay, and defend your claim for justice? This is Rhode Island personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro and in today’s blog, I am sharing one of our recent successes after Amica Insurance lowballed our client’s car accident case.

Who Are The Best Lawyers For Fighting Amica Insurance After A RI Car Accident?

Amica Insurance Company issues Rhode Island car insurance to people like you!  Recently, Amica has had a change in leadership. The new leadership has decided that they will deny, delay, and defend more car accident personal injury cases in Rhode Island.

If you are dealing with Amica Insurance, you need to know your legal rights! Amica, like the other auto insurance companies in RI (Progressive, GEICO, Allstate, etc.) are not under any duty to inform you of your rights. Rather, these large companies are looking out for their financial interests, not yours!

Here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we are actively taking on new car accident cases, especially from these insurance companies. Call or text us (401-777-7777) 24/7 for a free confidential consultation.

Bottaro Turns Down Amica’s Low Ball $11,000.00 Offer, Resulting in $100,000.00 Maximum Settlement

$11,000.00? That was Amica’s initial offer in this case…… The recent maximum $100,000.00 settlement against Amica described below came after Amica refused to offer a fair settlement for this Pawtucket, RI car accident.

How Much Is My Case Worth? And How Much Is My Personal Injury Case With Shoulder Surgery Worth?

Our client was an office worker simply traveling down a well-known Pawtucket street with the right of way. Suddenly, Amica’s driver blew through a stop sign and t-boned our client – causing a major crash that exploded our client’s air bag in her face.

As set forth several times in the medical records, our client had her right arm up at impact, causing the airbag to strike her right forearm and shoulder.

After consistent complaints of right arm and shoulder pain, her surgeon diagnosed a shoulder impingement and elbow nerve injury, leading to a shoulder surgery.

She could not work and lost her job.

Despite this evidence, Amica refused to initially pay, continuously offering low money on the case when their driver had a $100,00.00 insurance policy.

I filed suit and litigated the case, retaining an expert doctor and taking depositions. When we filed to try the case on the motion calendar, Amica’s adjuster called and tendered the maximum policy limits. Case won.

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