Bottaro Settles for Maximum Policy Limit in Rear-end Accident


In handling Rhode Island and Massachusetts car accident personal injury cases, one of the most common types of auto accidents are rear-end accidents. I recently had the pleasure of obtaining a maximum policy limit for a client who suffered a serious injury to her wrist.

Rear-end Accident Leads to Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Our client, a 42-year-old woman from West Warwick, RI, was heading to lunch as a front-seat passenger in her friend’s vehicle.

As they traveled west on Park Avenue in Cranston, RI, traffic began to slow due to construction. The at-fault driver failed to use caution and slammed into the rear of the vehicle our client was traveling in.

The result of this collision sent our client’s body jolting forward, slamming her arms on the vehicle’s armrest. Complaining that she couldn’t move her legs, our client

was immediately rushed by ambulance to Kent hospital for treatment.

Emergency room doctors treated our client for personal injuries to her chest, lower back, and wrist. They diagnosed her with an increased attenuation of the lunate bone without fractures bilaterally subchondral cyst sclerosis and cysts formation with mild flattening.

Our client followed up with an orthopedic specialist, who ordered an MRI and EMG test on our client’s left forearm. Our client complained of numbness and significant wrist pain for months despite physical therapy.

After the conservative treatment failed, our client was referred for ulnar nerve transposition and left carpal tunnel release surgery.

The Bottaro Law Difference: Winning RI Personal Injury Cases Involving Underlying Or Pre-existing Conditions

While our client was an innocent victim, the big insurance companies tried delaying justice due to so–called “underlying or pre-existing conditions.”

Well, my team and I have had the honor of standing up for the injured throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our client had previous left wrist surgery denervation and radius decompression.

We had the burden of proving that our client sustained these injuries in this accident. My team and I got to work right away to investigate the accident and gather the facts to prove our client’s injuries.

Our hard work paid off, and we collected a maximum policy limit settlement for our client.

Now she can get back to work at a local non-profit, helping people with criminal records get back on their feet.

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