Bottaro Settles Rhode Island Slip and Fall for Over $140,000.00

Person walking in an icy parking lot

For over 20 years, I have been blessed to represent the injured in slip and fall personal injury cases. During these winter months, many of us experience these injuries due to carelessness in clearing snow and ice properly. Today, I will share with you a victory from a slip and fall on an icy lot from last winter:

Parking Lot Slip and Fall Causes Rotator Cuff Tear And Surgery

In Rhode Island, if you experience a slip and fall, you really do need an experienced, reputable personal injury lawyer. As I have blogged before, these are difficult cases that typically do not settle without a lawyer.

In this case, there was a Rhode Island landlord who failed to clear his parking lot of snow and ice. He rented property to a day care center.

Our client was a middle aged father who slipped and fell while dropping off his daughter at preschool.

The ice was difficult to spot as it was on black asphalt and right near where he parked.

Landing hard on his left shoulder he was in immediate pain. As he lay on the ground in agony, our client noticed that areas around him were icy, and had not been treated with any salt or sand.

Following the fall our client immediately presented to Lifespan Urgent Care who due to the severity of the injury, instructed him to immediately report to the emergency room at Kent Hospital.

Our client obtained conservative medical treatment including physical therapy and cortisone injections that did not resolve his pain.  Ultimately an MRI revealed that when our client landed on his shoulder from the slip and fall he suffered a superior labrum anterior-posterior tear (rotator cuff tear).

The Bottaro Difference: Obtaining the Maximum for your Slip and Fall Claim.

Surgeons ordered our client to undergo painful and invasive shoulder surgery as well as an additional treatment.

He missed work and had significant issues sleeping and doing normal activities post surgery.

As far as the legal case, I worked on this case personally with the help of my experienced team. We investigated the conditions and did all the details necessary to set the case up for victory.

Wanting to avoid trial, the insurance company caved and I’m happy to say we obtained a settlement of $145,000.00 for our client.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, call me 24/7 and find out why 7’s the only way to go.

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