Bottaro Wins $205,000.00 Car Accident Settlement For Cranston Business Owner


What is it like to undergo emergency cervical surgery after a car crash? To be unable to run your business? To need to wear a hard collar neck brace 24 hours per day? In today’s blog, we will explore a recent successful car accident personal injury settlement for our client, a Cranston business owner.

Cranston, Rhode Island Car Accident With Neck Fractures Personal Injury

Our client is a 49-year-old local business owner, husband, and father. Cranston, Rhode Island is often a congested place to drive especially on major routes like Route 2 and Route 5.

He was simply driving straight on Route 5 in a sedan. Suddenly, a careless driver tried to pull out in front of him from a side lot.

The resulting crash caused a T-bone collision. Our client is a tall man, standing 6’4”tall. Notably, the force of the crash slammed his head into the center of the roof console, shattering it and causing a laceration to his forehead – he later found out that it also shattered his vertebrae and “squished” them.  He was in immediate pain, bleeding from his head.

Above: Cranston, RI Car Accident Photo of Interior Roof Console Post Crash.

Emergency care diagnosed several serious injuries, including a fractured neck and head bleed. This resulted in the need for an immediate cervical spinal fusion surgery and inpatient hospital stay.

Best Personal Injury Practices: Winning The RI Car Accident Case!

This case presented an unusual fact situation of an unusual injury from a car accident. Investigation and preparation were the keys as I worked on the case. I personally inspected the vehicle, having our client sit in the car and show me how the injury occurred. These photographs and investigation were later keys in negotiations with the insurance companies.

Car insurance companies are slow to accept liability and payout on their policies and are very skeptical when it comes to personal injuries. They could not believe (at first) that these injuries were substantially caused by this crash.

Reviewing the client’s past medical chart, the acute trauma documents in the post-car accident medical records, and fighting hard for my client resulted in a maximum out of court settlement!

In this case, I was able to ensure that our client’s medical bills were paid and that he received the maximum benefits in a considerably short amount of time. He is now able to keep his business running and is on the path to a new self in recovery.

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